Stop Arm Cameras Help to Keep Students Safe

Bus Safety


As part of our ongoing efforts to keep children safe while in our care, Beekmantown CSD has started to install stop arm cameras on our school buses. As part of a bill signed into law this summer, Governor Cuomo officially made footage from stop arm cameras admissible to prosecute anyone illegally passing a school bus while its red loading lights are activated.

For years we have worked with our school resource officers to enforce traffic laws involving buses using previously somewhat grainy video, however this obviously made things much more difficult to view and identify. These newly installed twin camera units feature high definition video and still frame photos. They are also positioned in such a way as to see the license plate and driver of any passing vehicle. It is our hope that by provisioning these cameras on our bus fleet that we will have the tools necessary to help prevent unfortunate and avoidable situations.

For a great resource describing current New York State laws regarding school busses, please visit:…/death-zone-rules-passing-stopped-school…

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